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At the age of 7, Melanie started dance lessons, pianoforte and voice in Lugano, Switzerland.  She continued her studies throughout her childhood and her adolecence.


She continued her art studies in History and Critique at the University of Bologna (DAMS), Italy, where she graduated in 2005.  In the meanwhile, she undertook a bi-annual part time course in artistic studies at the Bernstein School of Musical Theater (BSMT) where she perfected her voice studies, dance and acting skills.


After her graduation, Melanie went on to study professional arts at the Accademia Stageschool of Music, Dance & Drama, in Hamburgh, Germany.  This was a 3 year course specializing in her last year in Modern Dance.


A few years later she ultimated her formal studies by taking a Master Class in the Art of Music Therapy at the Univesity of Brescia, Italy.


Between 2013 and 2015 she specialized as a paid professional in animation and presenter at the RSI – Radio Televisione Svizzera Italiana where she regularly broadcasted live.

June-November 2016: stage with the Finzi Pasca Company during the rehearsal for the new show "Per Te" in Lac Theater, Lugano. 


Artistic/Musical Experience


During the time she spent in Germany she performed regularly as a dancer and singer at the Altonaer Theatre in Hamburg in the ”Monday Night Show“


After her studies at the Stageschool, between 2009 and 2010 she went on tour with the Musical “Der Kliene Medicus“ by Dietrich Grönemeyer.  She played the role of Elisa, a young Brazilian girl who sings, dances and acts.   The tour played in all the most important German cities to audiences of 1000-1500 people.


During 2010 and 2011 she became a member of the Hamburg  ImanClan Band where she was a backup singer and did the vocal arrangements.   The band played in many clubs and important theatres in Hamburg such as the Knust and the Markthalle.

Between 2009 and 2011 she was a member of the Vocalartisten Bremen, where she performed as an actress, singer and dancer.


In 2012 till 2014 she was the artistic director and choreographer in the musical „Il Sogno di Giuseppe“ which played in all the main theatres in theTicin region of Switzerland.


In 2009 she started writing songs (music and lyrics) in English, Italian and German and performing as a solo artist accompanying herself on guitar or piano.  Later she started to feel the need to collaborate with other musicians.


From here, in 2013 she met the pianist and composer, Carlo Maria Nartoni and life was given to an unusual and exposive connexion where original music merges with a world of unpredictable impromptu. 


This project took the name “Imàgo Duo“


Right from the start in June 2014,  Imàgo Duo performed in various clubs and theatres in the Ticin, Switzerland.


Melanie has the soul of a songwriter but she is also a choreographer and she  creates musicals for the project of Imàgo Duo where moments fluctuate between theatre, dance and poetry.




Melanie  plays piano well and has good basic skills in guitar and the accordion.

She has studied classical and modern dance as a solo artist and has also done couple dancing in particular she has profound understanding of the Argentinian Tango but also Boogie Woogie and Latin American.

She has attended many workshops with prominent artists such as Claudio Orlandini, Michaela Rosen and others.

Apart from Italian she has very good knowledge of German and speaks French and English.




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